Surrealist Experience: Surrealists Games

In the early 1920’s, poets, writers and artists were heavily influenced by Sigmund Freud's theories. The main focus was on the mind, dreams, desires, and subsequently the subconscious. In order to tap into the human subconscious the Surrealists would practice various games. These games included the Exquisite Corpse and also not so much of a game but more of an exercise, automatic drawing. 

 This exhibition presents various examples of both the Exquisite Corpse and automatic drawings created by collaborations of Man Ray, André Breton, Max Ernst, Joan Miró among many others. The goal while participating in these practices was to allow the mind to take over. Consciousness was put aside, becoming unnecessary and even prohibited throughout the entire process. 

To include the viewer in this surrealist experience the audience is encouraged to participate in the game: Exquisite Corpse. Each person that views a piece is asked to comment depending on how he or she feels after viewing that piece. 

Audience involvement...

1. A definite or indefinite article ("the" or "a/an")
5.Second definite or indefinite article 
6. Adjective 
8. Last person will compile all the words together into one sentence.

The first person will view this piece and contemplate for a minute. Then will give 1. a definite or indefinite article. After wards, the next person will proceed on to give an adjective after viewing this piece, so on an so forth. Ideally the viewer will observe the image and then give the word that immediately comes to mind for the given step.